March 9, 2022

[Session 7] JAGntd-GHIT NTD webinar series: Challenges of expanding access to health products in the fight against NTDs

Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) prevail among the hard-to-reach populations in the world. To protect them from NTDs, developing good health products is necessary, but is not sufficient without creating access to them. Access is a complex matter: no single organization can create it successfully. This webinar series will clarify some conceptual aspects about access, discuss key access challenges from different perspectives and how these can be overcome. The webinar series also considers how Japanese actors might be able to contribute to addressing some of those access challenges.


[Language] English. Simultaneous translation into Japanese will be provided.

[Fee] Free

[Organizer] Japan Alliance on Global Neglected Tropical Diseases (JAGntd)

[Sponsor] GHIT Fund

Session 7: Funding: Who Pays for What?


Session 7 explores funding challenges to increase access to NTD medicines. We do not have a complete picture of how much money we need to reach people in need of NTD treatments, but to understand the status of funding to improve their access and delivery. Several efforts have begun. As an example of these efforts, this session presents a 2020 report on new medical technologies, Uniting Efforts for Innovation, Access and Delivery. After reviewing existing NTD drug access and delivery strategies and funding needs, consider alternative financing models to close the current funding gap.


[Date/Time] Thursday, March 17, 2022 17: 00-18: 00 (Japan time)


・Cecilia O Access and Delivery Partnership, UNDP

・Rohit Sharma, Public Health Consultant, Member of Unitaid Board

[Registration] https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_X_YnOI1QTjO8-i4l8-G6fg 




Replay past webinars on the JAGntd Youtube channel.


Session 1: "Concepts and definitions: What is access?"


Session 2: "Developer’s perspective: Fexinidazole for African Trypanosomiasis"


Session 3: "Country's Perspective: Introduction of Pediatric Praziquantel for Schistosomiasis in Tanzania"


Session 4: "WHO/ESPEN’s perspective: Strengthening national NTD programs in Africa"


Session 5: "Nudging the Industry (1): Visualizing Pharmaceutical Companies' Efforts"


Session 6: "Nudging the industry (2): Patent as a barrier or leverage?"