Privacy Policy

Policy on protection and handling of personal information

On the website (hereafter, ‘this website’) of the Global Health Innovative Technology Fund (hereafter, ‘GHIT’), customer privacy and personal information (hereafter, collectively referred to as “Personal information”) is handled with the highest level of caution. We believe that the protection of a customer’s personal information is not only a critical part of our business activities, but a social responsibility as well.
In order to responsibly protect the personal information of our customers, GHIT has established the following policy denoted below, and is working towards continuous improvements, development of organizational structure, and enforcement and maintenance of its policies.

Our views on personal information

1. Collection of personal information

In some instances, GHIT will request personal information from customers so that they may use our provided services. As a rule, no personal information will be collected from any customer without their permission. If personal information is required by GHIT, we will ask for this after clarifying the objectives for its use and provision (Note: please understand ahead of time that some services will not be available to customers who are unwilling to disclose personal information).

2. Use of personal information

A customer's personal information will be used only for purposes which were clearly defined to the customer ahead of time. If we require the use of a customer’s personal information beyond the purposes described to them initially, we will do so only after contacting the customer to obtain their consent and approval for said purposes.

3. Releasing personal information to a third party

Personal information received by GHIT will not be used for purposes other than those approved by the customer.
In cases for which customer approval and consent is obtained ahead of time.
When a customer uses a paid service in which payment or mailing of documents, etc. is required.
In cases involving customer inquiry or follow-up service regarding a product or service.
Cases where disclosure of this information is required by law.

4. Sending electronic and direct mail

On occasion, GHIT may transmit or send information on its products or services deemed beneficial by electronic or direct mail to current or potential customers who have given their consent ahead of time. Customers who wish to opt-out of these mailings can terminate them by contacting GHIT.

5. Disclosure, revision, or deletion of personal information

We strive to manage the personal information of our customers accurately and in the most up-to-date form. In addition, if we receive a request for registered information to be disclosed, we will address this with integrity. In the rare event that there is an error in the registered information, we will make the necessary change or deletion immediately. Please note that in order to confirm that the individual requesting the information is in fact the correct customer, we will take the necessary measures and protocol to determine this.

Handling of personal information on this website

1. Security and the handling of personal information entrusted to us

GHIT's system has a firewall, which prevents illegal external access to the website. In addition, within GHIT, according to basic guidelines on information security, we have elected an information management supervisor, and have limited the number of individuals who have access to personal information. GHIT employs the highest level as well as the most meticulous manner of caution to ensure safety in data management.

2. Customer access logs

Information regarding individuals who access the site is recorded in an access log. The access log contains the domain name and IP address, the browser used, and the accessed date of the individual who accessed the website. However, information that would allow someone to identify the individual is not collected. The access log is used for statistical analysis on items such as maintenance/management and usage status, but is not used for any other purpose.

3. Boundaries of personal information protection

GHIT does not take responsibility for the protection of personal information of customers who visit other sites for which links are provided on this website.

Revisions to the privacy policy

When an important change needs to be made to this policy, it will be reported on the website. All other changes may be made without any prior notice, so please review the most up-to-date information on our website. In the event that problems arise due to a lack of confirmation of this information, please note that GHIT will not take any responsibility.

Contact information

To contact us regarding this policy, please e-mail us at the address noted below.

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