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Investment FAQs

General Information

QDoes the GHIT Fund award projects for medical devices?
AInterventions within the scope of the GHIT Fund are as follows: drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics. The GHIT Fund currently does not award projects for medical devices.
QI am an individual seeking financial assistance. Am I eligible for a grant?
AThe GHIT Fund does not provide support to individuals or single organizations that are not part of an eligible R&D partnership.
QI am raising money for a non-profit organization’s operations budget. Am I eligible for a grant?
AThe GHIT Fund only supports global R&D partnerships between Japanese and non-Japanese organizations for the discovery and development of new health technologies for the developing world.
QDo you allow multiple applications from the same partnership?
AYes, interested partnerships may apply for multiple grants, provided they meet the eligibility criteria and address the RFP scope.
QDoes the GHIT Fund award scholarships?
AThe GHIT Fund does not award scholarships.
QHow does the GHIT Fund manage intellectual property issues?
AIntellectual property and other access issues are addressed in the Data and Product Access Policies section of the GHIT Fund website.
QIn what currency will support by the GHIT Fund be provided?
ABudgets should be submitted in Japanese Yen. Regardless of the designated development partner, support by the GHIT Fund will be provided in Japanese Yen.
QDoes the GHIT Fund require a particular currency conversion index?
ANo. Currency conversion management is the responsibility of the designated development partner.
QWhat is the maximum budget for awarded projects?
AFor Target Research Platform, the maximum budget per project is set at ¥70,000,000. For other programs (Screening Platform, Hit-to-Lead Platform, and Product Development Platform), the GHIT Fund does not specify maximum funding amounts. Proposal budgets should reflect the amount needed to carry out project activities.
QCan proposals for a clinical trial request a full project budget?
AFor projects that cover Proof of Concept (POC) or Phase 2b activities and beyond, if awarded, the investment amount from the GHIT Fund shall be less than 50% of the total project during the funding period.
QWho should I contact if I have a question?
AGeneral inquiries:

info AT

General inquiries about our funding opportunities:

grants AT

Inquiries about press and public relations:

press AT

*Please use “@” instead of AT when you contact us.
QCan applicants contact GHIT Fund Selection Committee members?
AThe GHIT Fund restricts communications between current and potential Product Development Partners and Selection Committee members and asks them to refrain from interacting directly regarding queries, concerns, and requests related to GHIT funding. The GHIT Fund Management Team will coordinate all communications among parties. This ensures and enhances organizational transparency and fairness in the decision-making process.

Investment Process

QQWhat is the GHIT Fund's investment process?
AInformation regarding the investment process for each platform can be found in the Investment Opportunities section of the GHIT Fund website.
QWhat are the key deadlines in the application process?
ADeadlines in the application process vary for each Request for Proposal (RFP). Please refer to the Investment Opportunities section of the GHIT website for active RFPs and their deadlines.
QWhere do I find the application forms and templates?
AFull proposal templates will be sent via email from the GHIT Fund to eligible applicants who submitted an Intent to Apply form.
QHow do I submit an Intent to Apply form?
AInterested applicants must complete an Intent to Apply form posted on the Investment Opportunities section of the website, and submit it to the GHIT Fund. For Target Research Platform and Product Development Platform, the GHIT Fund uses online submission systems to receive applications. For Hit-to-Lead Platform, applicants are required to submit Intent to Apply forms via email. Details on how to submit the application can be found on the RFP document.
QI have submitted the Intent to Apply form. When will I hear back from the GHIT Fund?
AThe GHIT Fund Management Team notifies applicants of the eligibility assessment results shortly after the Intent to Apply submission due date.
QHow do I submit my proposal?
AEligible applicants who submitted an Intent to Apply form will receive full proposal templates. For Target Research Platform and Product Development Platform, the GHIT Fund uses online submission systems to receive applications. For Hit-to-Lead Platform, applicants are required to submit proposals via email. Details on how to submit the application can be found on the RFP document.
QIs there any limit to the proposal pages? Are templates of budget and timeline (Gantt chart) included in the proposal?
APage limit is included in the instruction section of the proposal template on page 1. The number of pages for the budget and timeline (Gantt chart) templates will be counted.
QIn what format should I submit proposals? (e.g., PDF? Word?)
ASubmitting proposals in Word format is required. Submission of a PDF version is optional.
QI have materials I want to submit along with my request for funding. How do I send them?
ASubmit only the requested forms and attachments as outlined in the GHIT Fund proposal and budget template. We are not able to accept samples, prototypes, or other supplementary materials submitted with proposals. These materials will not be returned to applicants.
QWhat are the expected partner responsibilities?
APartner roles and responsibilities as they relate to project activities should be defined by applicants and included in proposals.
QWhat are the criteria that will be used to evaluate investment applications?
A■ Proposals will initially be examined to determine whether the:
・Partnership meets GHIT Fund eligibility criteria
・Project objectives are aligned with the RFP-specified scope
・Proposal is complete and addresses all required content

GHIT Fund staff may ask clarifying questions or request additional information, as needed, to qualify proposals for evaluation.

All proposals passing the preliminary examination will be evaluated and prioritized based on the following criteria:
■ Scientific and technical merit (e.g., sound approach and methodology, level of innovation, overall quality and comprehensiveness)
■ Potential Impact (e.g., how it will address a global health priority)
■ Partnership and project management (e.g., collaboration capabilities and expertise, project history and performance, risk management, budget)
QHow long is the application process likely to take?
AIt takes approximately seven months from the Intent to Apply submission due date to the award notification date. However, it vary for each Request for Proposal (RFP), so please refer to the Investment Opportunities section of the GHIT website.
QWill the partnership be notified of the application progress by GHIT Fund staff?
AGHIT Fund staff will notify applicants after the following steps in the application process: Intent to Apply, proposal submission, and investment award decision.
QHow will I know if my proposal is approved for funding?
AAt the completion of the proposal evaluation process, GHIT Fund staff will inform each applicant of their proposal's investment award decision. GHIT Fund staff have the right to abstain from providing formal feedback to applicants receiving a non-award decision.
QCan the partnership resubmit its proposal, with or without modifications, after a non-award decision?
AProposals that are not awarded funding may be resubmitted in future funding rounds.
QDoes the GHIT Fund require contractual agreements between collaborating partners?
APrior to receiving funds for an investment award, the GHIT Fund requires a contractual relationship between collaborating partners. Signed contractual agreements are not required at the time of proposal submission.
QHow does the GHIT Fund determine which partner will receive the investment funds?
AApplicants are required to identify the designated development partner, as well as all collaboration partners. The development partner will be the funding recipient and will be responsible for the performance of its collaborating partners. A representative of the designated development partner will serve as the main GHIT Fund point of contact and will be responsible for all discussions and negotiations with the GHIT Fund.
QWhat is the GHIT Fund’s policy on indirect costs (e.g., overhead)?
AThe GHIT Fund will support indirect costs up to 14% of the total direct budget of an investment. Higher indirect cost rates will not be accepted.
QWhen will awarded investment funds be released to the designated development partner?
APayments will be made after the conclusion of an Investment Agreement at the investment award and annually thereafter, following successful assessment of progress reports and progress report calls by the GHIT Fund.
QWhat are the investment reporting processes?
AThe GHIT Fund requires development partners to submit bi-annual progress reports in order to release funding for the subsequent year. Progress reports are intended to track progress toward GHIT-monitored milestones.
QDoes the GHIT Fund have an annual progress report template?
AThe GHIT Fund uses a web-based reporting system. Details regarding the website will be provided to development partners who are awarded funding.
QWhat happens if my awarded project fails to meet its milestones?
AThe GHIT Fund will evaluate delayed progress on a case-by-case basis. Milestone target dates may be re-negotiated after discussion with GHIT Fund staff. In the event of major delays or deviations to the project scope, the Selection Committee may be called on to review project progress.

The GHIT Fund has the right to terminate the grant agreement if:

・The partnership disbands prior to satisfying its grant obligations.
・The progress of work is such that the obligations undertaken by the partnership will not be fulfilled.
・The partnership fails to meet the milestones specified in the grant agreement.

In the event an investment is terminated, the GHIT Fund reserves the right to cancel future fund payments, reclaim paid funds, or mandate that paid funds be redirected to other charitable activities. In lieu of termination, the GHIT Fund may choose to renegotiate the terms of the existing investment agreement.
QDoes the GHIT Fund only accept proposals in English?
AOnly proposals in English are accepted. All eligible proposals will go through evaluation by External Reviewers as well as the Selection Committee, both of which consist of global experts. Evaluations and discussions regarding selection of proposals will be conducted solely in English; therefore, all applicants are asked to submit documents in English in order to avoid possible language-related confusion or miscommunication.
QDo funds from the GHIT Fund cover capital equipment?
AThe GHIT Fund does not provide funding for capital equipment.
QAre there any special requirements for the contractual relationship between partners for projects at the clinical trial stage?
AThe contract needs to specify that, if and once launched, all marketing materials for the indication-specific product indicate that the product was developed in partnership with the Japanese partner.
QWhat is the process for discontinuing a project with the GHIT Fund?
AIn cases where the GHIT Fund must consider discontinuing a specific investment, the GHIT Fund Management Team (MT) will take the following steps:

- If there is consensus between the Development Partner (DP) and the GHIT Fund, the project will be discontinued upon obtaining the CEO’s approval; the decision will then be reported to the Board at the subsequent Board meeting.

- If there is no consensus between the DP and the GHIT Fund, the Selection Committee (SC) will be consulted and a decision of whether or not to discontinue the project will be determined by majority vote. Once the decision to discontinue a project is made, the decision will be reported back to the SC and to the Board electronically before contacting the DP. The GHIT Fund will then notify the applicant of the decision of discontinuation.
GHIT Discontinuation Process