Amplifying Impact for Patients

In the same way that successful global health R&D is built on partnership, so, too, is effective funding for that innovation. Indeed, co-investment, where multiple funders and partners collaborate to advance R&D, is a critical approach to amplifying the impact of individual investments.

GHIT is a proud co-investor in many partnerships alongside multiple funders around the world. For example, GHIT co-invests with the European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) in the pediatric PZQ phase III trial, which is providing clinical data and support for registration of a new praziquantel tablet formulation to treat schistosomiasis in preschool-aged children. Other examples include The Republic and Canton of Geneva through its International Solidarity Office, which has committed to support mycetoma activities in Sudan with the overall goal of developing a new safe, effective, affordable and field-adapted treatment for patients affected by mycetoma. GHIT has worked with multiple funders and partners domestically and internationally to find opportunities for co-investment and align investment strategy so that promising innovations can be developed and delivered to patients faster.

By co-investing, funders decrease the risk associated with individual investment and amplify their impact exponentially. Moreover, by partnering with multiple funders, product development partners can accelerate progress by leveraging each funder’s unique networks and resources. Finally, co-investment helps ensure that products are part of the global product development portfolio.

Importantly, co-investment is not restricted only to financial investments; in-kind donations and services can also be critically important contributions. For example, private companies sometimes contribute human, technical, and other internal resources, each of which plays an essential role in advancing product development.

In keeping with this goal, we are actively exploring opportunities to join forces with other co-investors and partners to leverage investment impact for patients.

Please contact us about the co-investment with GHIT Fund.

Leverage investment impact
Risk mitigation
Product Development Partners
Advance product development
Access to funders' network and resources
Enhance access to innovations

※ Co-investment rules depend on product development stage. Please see our RFP for more details.

GHIT investment leveraged by co-investment