January 25, 2023

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January 30th is "World NTD Day" approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) are a group of 20 diseases defined by WHO that mainly afflict the poor in developing countries. Typical diseases of NTDs include Dengue fever and Chagas' disease. With more than 1 billion people infected worldwide, NTDs lead to cascading and prolonged poverty and hinder economic growth in developing and emerging countries. However, with a small economic return, NTDs have been left out of new drug development.


WHO defines NTDs as "tropical diseases that must be conquered in humanity. The suppression of NTDs is also listed in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and suppression of NTDs is indispensable for creating a better future for the earth and humankind. 


The GHIT Fund was established as a pioneering international public-private fund to promote international drug development to combat NTDs and other infectious diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, and NTDs that threaten the health of the world's poorest people. Since its inception in 2013, GHIT Fund has been investing in new drug development and portfolio management to contribute to global health, supporting Japanese technology and innovation to combat infectious diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, and neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) that affect the world’s vulnerable and underserved populations.  


Japan will chair the G7 Summit scheduled for May this year. We will be calling for increased global efforts in the health sector, not only from the perspective of Universal Health Coverage (UHC), which Japan leads the world in, but also from the perspective of security. We believe that putting serious diseases, especially those affecting the poor, on the agenda will strengthen Japan's role as the G7 Presidency. We look forward to your participation.


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Event Topic “Roadmap to Achieve the 2030 SDGs and Control NTDs"

Date and Time:January 30, 2023, 17:00-18:00


Speakers (Titles omitted* Seminar content is subject to change without notice)

・Dr Ibrahima Socé Fall, Director Global Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) control and elimination/eradication, WHO

・Shiozaki Yasuhisa, Former Member of the House of Representatives, Former Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare / Representative Director, Keiso Nippon Initiative

・Ms.Kobashikawa, Chairman, Japan Association of Chagas Disease Patients and Friends

・Yajima Aya, Technical officer (Neglected Tropical Diseases) ,World Health Organization

・Kaneko Satoshi, Professor of  Nagasaki University School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health

・Nakatani Kaori, Head of DNDi Japan

・Domoto Fumiya, Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association(Astellas Pharma Inc.)

・Kunii Osamu, GHIT Fund  CEO

・Itani Tetsuya, Director, Office of Global Health Cooperation, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

・Akahori Takeshi, Director-General / Assistant Minister (Ambassador) for Global Issues


Remarks: This webinar will be held in Japanese.


Organized by World NTD Day・Japan Preparatory Committee

Cooperation: Global Health Innovative Technology(GHIT) Fund, Nagasaki University School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health/Japan Alliance on Global Neglected Tropical Diseases(JAGntd), DNDi Japan, SDGs Promise Japan, Japanese Society of Tropical Medicine Students’ Branch(J-Trops), Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association

Supported by Nikkei FT Communicable Diseases Conference


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