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GHIT Fund RFP Screening Platform 2020-002

The GHIT Fund established a Drug Discovery Screening Platform in early 2013 to facilitate the screening of compound libraries for identification of novel compounds for malaria, tuberculosis, Chagas disease and leishmaniasis. The goal is to leverage the active screening programs of established Product Development Partnerships (PDPs) and the relevant compound libraries from Japanese companies or academic institutions. 


The expectation is that the Japanese entity will provide its relevant compound libraries to their PDP partner, who will then conduct screening with support from their established screening organization network. The GHIT Fund will reimburse for screening project costs.


Possible collaborations should include one of the following three leading drug development PDPs: Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV), Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi), and TB Alliance.


GHIT Fund staff will contact interested parties to discuss the process of creating partnerships as well as funding.

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RFP Release

September 1, 2020

Intent to Apply

Submission deadline: 10:00 am (JST) on Friday, January 15, 2021


Submit GHIT RFP Screening Platform 2020-002 Contact Form to

Email Subject Line: Potential Screening Platform 2020-002


Questions specific to this Screening Platform can only be answered with the submission of the "GHIT RFP Screening Platform 2020-002 Contact Form”

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Award Notification to All Applicants

To be announced to awarded applicants

|Investment Process



Contact Form Submission

Interested applicants must complete the Contact Form and submit this to submit by email to


Management Team

Eligibility Assessment

For all applications received for the Screening Platform, the GHIT Management Team will conduct eligibility assessments with a focus on partnerships, scope of disease, intervention, and development stage.



Discussion with PDPs on project scope

All applications should be submitted as a collaboration between a Japanese organization and one of the following three PDPs: Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV), Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative (DNDi), and the Global Alliance for TB Drug Development (GATB). The details of screening activities will be discussed with representatives from each partner.


Board of Directors


Each screening plan will be reviewed by Board Member.


Japanese organization-PDP-GHIT


For approved projects, a three-way agreement (Japanese organization – PDP – GHIT) will be contracted, followed by the initiation of screening activities.


Management Team

Initiation of Monitoring and Evaluation

Once the agreement enters into effect, the GHIT Management Team will initiate the Monitoring and Evaluation process. The data and information regarding the project will be put into the system.


Management Team and Product Development Partners

Monitoring and Evaluation

To track the progress of each project, GHIT conducts progress updates twice a year. This enables us to keep track of the progress of investments and decide whether to continue, modify, or terminate the investment contingent upon milestone achievement. With this system, data pertaining to the progress of each project is gathered via an electronic system and the GHIT Management Team holds a conference with all product development partners based on the collected data prior to the meeting.