Message from Leadership

We at the GHIT Fund are proud of our contribution to the global health R&D pipeline through the robust portfolio we have created with our expanding network of partners in Japan and around the world. We know that partnerships that bring Japan's science and pharmaceutical capabilities to the global fight against infectious diseases will advance global health innovation in transformational ways.

Thanks to our replenishment for GHIT’s second five-year phase (beginning in FY2018), our capacity to realize the promise of discovery and product development is greater than ever. And the two of us are also thrilled to begin our first term together as GHIT’s leadership team, especially given the dynamism and momentum around global health R&D that characterizes the present era.

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) galvanized global engagement and investment in health R&D to create new and improved medicines, which have collectively driven down deaths of mothers and children and strengthened the fight against infectious diseases and Neglected Tropical Diseases dramatically. However, today’s tools are insufficient for meeting tomorrow’s goals, including SDG 3.8 (achieve universal health coverage). To accelerate recent gains and reach the much more ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we must continue to advance promising technologies and innovations, ensure they reach the communities that can use them, and help people in low- and middle-income countries thrive.

To realize this potential, the global health community must continue to sharpen its foresight, planning, partnerships, and investments. R&D has been the bedrock of so many global health successes and forms a critical health and economic weapon in the world’s arsenal against threats to human security in the 21st century.

Going forward, GHIT’s Strategic Plan prioritizes investment in late-stage candidates in the pipeline, and we aim to have two products to be approved by a stringent regulatory authority by the end of FY2022. However, we understand that innovation without access is meaningless, and that the true measure of success is putting effective, affordable, lifesaving tools into the hands of every single person who needs them. As such, we are further strengthening our capacity to appraise our late-stage development partners’ access and delivery plans for low- and middle-income countries, including understanding the market, regulatory strategies, manufacturing and distribution, financing, and advocacy. We are doing this through partnerships with the United Nations Development Programme and other Japanese and international entities.

Today, the opportunity to reach ambitious global health goals is firmly within our reach. Our partnerships are continuously pushing the boundaries on what is possible. We enter GHIT’s Phase 2.0 with unparalleled energy, optimism, and drive.

Hiroki Nakatani, MD, PhD, MHPEdBoard Chair

Catherine K. Ohura, MS, PMPChief Executive Officer