We are committed to maintaining and evolving a working environment that draws out individuals’ unique strengths and capabilities and inspires their creative contributions to our mission of harnessing the power of Japanese science and technology for global health R&D.

Staff Interview
Always be a pioneer

By functioning as a hub that connects Japanese businesses and research institutes to global counterparts, we believe that GHIT will play an important role in addressing global poverty. GHIT is a global health R&D leader in Japan, and we have opened the doors to new forms of collaboration with our stakeholders.

Although our staff members have diverse backgrounds and unique personalities and goals, we all share a similar goal; namely, a common desire to help improve people’s health across the globe. We would like to support the people who continue striving to create new world-class value based on what they have learned through GHIT, regardless of their next occupation or industry.

GHIT Values

“GHIT Values” articulate our team mindset and serve as a code of conduct. We established them to continuously create value through our daily actions in support of global health R&D.


Ensure quality and integrity in every interaction with our diverse stakeholders in Japan and overseas

  • Be Courageous & Honest
  • Be Open
  • Be Passionate
  • Be Responsible


Inspire, motivate, mentor, and direct our team and projects to success

  • Show Vision
  • Show Initiative
  • Show Mentorship
  • Show Perseverance


Leverage our small, highly-skilled group by consistently showing high levels of collaboration and innovation to produce superior results and create broad impact

  • Demonstrate PM Capability
  • Commit to Goals
  • Demonstrate Team Management
  • Relationship Management

Staff Story

GHIT staff members with a variety background discuss their experience in and passion for global health R&D, as well as their day-to-day work.

Kei Katsuno, MD, MPH

Senior Director
Investment Strategy &
Government Relations

Mina Ohata

Investment Strategy
Planning & Management

Hironobu Itabashi

Associate Manager
Investment Strategy &
Government Relations

Isaac T. Chikwanha, MBChB, MPH

Senior Director
Investment Strategy,
Access & Delivery

*Affiliation and position are as of the time of the interview.