April 14, 2023 Media

Video message from CEO Osamu Kunii for GHIT 3.0

We launched GHIT 3.0, the third five-year plan in April. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the GHIT Fund. On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the GHIT Fund revamped its new Vision & Mission.



As we approach our 10-year milestone, the GHIT Fund has put into words our aspirations to further contribute to society and our commitment to our partners.


“Fight Neglected Diseases through Partnerships”

Through partnerships, we will continue to invest in research and development to contribute to global health.


Please see the message from Osamu Kunii, CEO of the GHIT Fund, for the start of GHIT 3.0.
“In GHIT 3.0, we are committed to improving the health and saving the lives of people suffering from neglected diseases around the world by promoting new drug development through international collaboration, with the aim of streamlining and accelerating R&D.”



Message from CEO Osamu Kunii for GHIT 3.0