April 9, 2020 Leadership

Announcing New Selection Committee Members

The Global Health Innovative Technology Fund (GHIT) Fund today announced the appointment of Dr. Sophie Allauzen, Dr. Anna-Karin Tidén (Stockholm University), Dr. Hiroo Koyama (RIKEN), and Dr. Rieko Yajima (Stanford University) as new members of the institution’s Selection Committee (SC), which evaluates investment proposals and reports from development partners and makes investment recommendations to the Board of Directors.


Ms. Catherine Ohura, CEO and Executive Director of the GHIT Fund said “On behalf of GHIT’s board of directors, we are delighted to welcome these distinguished experts on product development to our SC. Their collective insight and experience bring diversity to GHIT’s proposal evaluation mechanism and further strengthens the transparency and accountability in our investment selection.”


Prof. Naoto Uemura and Dr. Dennis Schmatz, Co-Chair(s) of the SC said “We are excited to welcome these four professionals to the SC. We firmly believe that their participation will further elevate the quality of our scientific discussion to select innovative projects for neglected patients. Dr. Allauzen provides excellence in global health diagnostics, Dr. Tidén and Dr. Koyama will augment our product development capabilities with their expertise in medicinal chemistry, and Dr. Yajima’s vast experience in translational sciences will elevate the capacity to evaluate programs, particularly in early-stage programs.”


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