April 7, 2020 Others

To our partners

This letter was sent out on April 6th 2020 to our partners including current development partners and applicants who submitted proposals to RFP2020 (TRP/PD).



To our partners


COVID-19’s global proliferation heavily affects our product development partners around the globe, applicants to our investment programs, and all those who have dedicated themselves to the fight against infectious diseases. On behalf of GHIT Fund, I would like to express my solidarity and fervent wishes for the safety and health of yourself, and your family, friends and colleagues.


To our product development partners

We have received inquiries from some partners about various challenges and questions that have arisen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the possibility of delay in a project, payment to the contractor. We assume that we will receive the similar inquiries in progress report calls scheduled from the beginning of April 2020. GHIT would like to address this difficult situation together with you flexibly and promptly. We will discuss your specific partnership’s unique situation with you via conference call or email, however, please do not hesitate to contact us at before and/or after the progress report calls.


To all applicants who submitted a proposal to RFP2020-001 (TRP/PD)

External reviews have already been conducted for RFP2020-001 (Targeted Research Platform, Product Development Platform), which was closed for applications in January 2020. Due to uncertainties resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the timeline for application review, dates, and format for the Selection Committee evaluation may be changed accordingly. We will keep you updated on the status in a timely manner with appropriate and careful judgement of the circumstances.


To all our stakeholders: product development for the most neglected

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us realize once again the importance and difficulty of product development for infectious diseases, the critical role of public-private partnerships, cross-sectoral collaboration and solidarity. We are therefore committed to moving product development forward together with everyone who shares the same aspirations, working even more closely with each one of you.


On the other hand, we completely understand the incredible challenges of doing any business-as-usual, including complex R&D, in a situation where remote work and social distancing are recommended and/or required, and where curfews and city lockdowns are being carried out. Therefore, we would like to consider solutions to overcome these difficulties and challenges and survive this crisis together with you. What we need now is to mobilize our best knowledge, experience, and network in more creative and flexible ways, as business-as-usual won’t work. I believe that even if we are physically distanced, we can unite--and innovate--together, without forgetting love and compassion for others.


We are honored to support you. You have always been at the forefront of fighting infectious diseases. We are proud to continue working with you in making this world a safer and healthier place. Thank you for all you do.


With sincere wishes for your safety and continued health,


Catherine Kaseri Ohura

CEO and Executive Director