Screening Program
Project Completed
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    Hit Identification
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    Fujifilm Corporation ,  The Global Alliance for TB Drug Development

Final Report

1. Project objective

The objective of this collaboration is to screen a representative compound library from Fujifilm Corporation (Fujifilm) and a smaller library made possible using a Fujifilm’s proprietary technology. The compounds were tested for growth inhibitory activity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb), the causative agent of tuberculosis.    


2. Project design

The design involved a primary screen using a predetermined concentration of the compounds and a secondary screen to determine the relative potency of the selected hits from the primary screen. In the secondary screen the compounds were tested to determine the minimum inhibitory concentrations against Mtb and cytotoxicity against mammalian cells.     


3. Results, lessons learned

Several potentially useful hits were identified in two separate screens and their possible utilities as hits were discussed. Many of them had potent activity against Mtb and no cytotoxicity against mammalian cells. Although it was mutually agreed not to progress the collaboration any further, this project suggested that it is possible to identify potential hit compounds for Mtb from the compounds assuming broad range applications.