Terms of Use


Users are all parties who use the website (hereafter, ‘This website’) for the Global Health Innovative Technology Fund: GHIT Fund (hereafter, ‘GHIT’) upon consenting to the present user agreement.

Using this site

All users of this website abide by the user agreement.

Prohibited activities

The following activities are prohibited when using this website. Legal action may be taken in cases of misuse.
(1) Any activity that interferes with management of this service or damages its reputation
(2) Activities including sending or writing harmful programs or computer viruses
(3) Activities that register someone else's e-mail address or make false declarations or notifications
(4) Activities that violate another's rights
(5) Activities that either go against public order and morality, violate the law, or those which may have the capacity to do so
(6) Any other activities that GHIT deems inappropriate

Copyright attribution

Unless otherwise specified, the copyrights to all information, designs, and all other copyrighted material contained in this website remain the property of GHIT.
Without prior permission from GHIT, users are not permitted to engage in activities beyond those of private use as specified by the copyright law.
In the event that a conflict arises regarding a violation of the above regulations, users have the responsibility (financial and otherwise) to resolve the particular conflict, as well as exert no damage to GHIT or any other third party.

Handling personal information

Please refer to our site's “Privacy Policy”.


GHIT does not guarantee the safety, accuracy, truth, or applicability of the content of this website or the information that can be obtained by users through this website.
GHIT assumes no responsibility for damage that occurs due to the use of our website or damage which occurs due to a delay, temporary cessation, or termination of our operations.
In the event that a third party is harmed by a user using this website, the user is responsible (financially and otherwise) for resolving this without inflicting any harm to GHIT. GHIT will assume no involvement in the resolution process between involved parties.
GHIT assumes no responsibility for damage incurred in cases involving illegal access from a third party, damage due to viruses that could not be prevented by antivirus software, damage due to natural disasters, and all other types of damage occurring for reasons unrelated to GHIT.

Changes to the present terms

GHIT reserves the right to make changes to the present terms as we see fit.
Any changes made to the content go into effect from the time they are displayed on the website, unless specified otherwise.
When using this website, please review the most up-to-date terms of use.

Governing laws and jurisdiction

Governing laws of Japan apply to the present terms. The Tokyo District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance for any disputes related to the present terms.