Strategic Plan


GHIT utilizes Japanese science and pharmaceutical capabilities to accelerate product development (i.e., drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics) for HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, and neglected tropical diseases

R&D: Investments in Product Development

Partnership for Delivery

Strengthen capacity to appraise access and delivery strategies for late-stage candidates
10 access and delivery strategies for late-stage investments reviewed by PLSC, and reported to the Board of Directors
Leverage UNDP and other global network partners for product delivery preparedness
Six access and delivery strategies shared and discussed with UNDP and other global partners
Six meetings convened between development partners and relevant global partners for each of the access and delivery strategies aforementioned with the goal of in-country access and delivery support
Present GHIT's access and delivery strategies at more than 20 conferences or events

Excellence through Good Governance

Ensure and further enhance corporate governance and institutional development
Two successful audits by the Cabinet Office of Japan (conducted every three years)
Five successful financial audits by an external and independent auditor
Five successful internal audits by the GHIT management team (results reported to Chief Executive Officer & Board of Directors)
Biennial review and sign-off by Board of Directors of updated GHIT policies including Governance Manual

Financial Strategies

Maximize efficiencies in fund management and co-funding strategies
Maintain overhead cost (at or below 5%)
Maintain uniquely low overhead cost in order to maximize investments in R&D
Increase leveraging factor (to 2.0)
Leveraging factor = ( GHIT’s investment + co-investment by other organizations) / (GHIT’s investment) = 1.5 as of December, 2017
Develop and execute a replenishment plan for GHIT 3.0
Successfully replenish GHIT 3.0 (FY2023 - FY2027)
Ensure sustainable operations of GHIT and continued acceleration of product development

Disclaimer: This document contains forward-looking statements and actual results may be materially different from those expected in the forward-looking statements due to a number of risks and uncertainties, including, but not limited to, whether we can sustain funding, achieve successful progression of products through the R&D process, and receive regulatory approvals.