May 26, 2022 Others

GHIT Fund welcomes linkties Co., Ltd. (Forbes Japan) as a new sponsor

The GHIT Fund is pleased to announce that linkties Co., Ltd. (Forbes Japan) joins GHIT as a new sponsor. 


GHIT’s sponsorship program develops alliances with domestic and international institutions to promote unconventional, cross-industry cooperation to resolve global challenges against infectious diseases and realize a sustainable society. Sponsors allow GHIT to improve its business operations and further work toward achieving the “Sustainable Development Goals” (the “SDGs”).


Dr. Osamu Kunii, GHIT Fund CEO said, "We are delighted to welcome Forbes JAPAN as a new GHIT sponsor. We hope that Forbes JAPAN's strong influence and broad network will help Japanese people across fields and industries learn about global health issues, great initiatives in Japan and abroad, and GHIT’s mission. Furthermore, we are looking forward to the diversity and global health collaborations this partnership has the great potential to foster."


Mr. Yutaro Tsunoda, President of linkties Co., Ltd. said, "Many leaders across sectors who want to make the world a better place come together on the Forbes JAPAN platform. Delivering information on the importance of global health issues and GHIT’s work to our network will combine diverse insights in creative ways to help meet the SDGs and facilitate cross-sector partnerships. We are delighted to collaborate with GHIT to be part of a great force to achieve SDGs."


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