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GHIT Endorses Khartoum Call for Action at Sixth International Conference on Mycetoma

The GHIT Fund is pleased to endorse the Khartoum Call for Action, announced in Khartoum at the Sixth International Conference on Mycetoma. The Call for action urges the global community to work together with multilateral agencies, partners, research institutions and pharmaceutical companies to address the devastating consequences of this disease.


Mycetoma, one of the most neglected tropical diseases, is known for slowly and progressively destroying soft tissue, particularly on the feet, and can lead to amputation of the limb. It is endemic in numerous tropical and subtropical countries, with its main victims being poor, young adults, women, and children in rural areas. A treatment exists but is expensive, has strong side effects, and carries low compliance rates. Recurrence is common, and surgery can be needed. Major knowledge gaps about mycetoma exist from transmission, to prevalence, to route of infection and to susceptibility, but the individual socioeconomic impact and stigma are clear. Though cases date back more than 300 years, mycetoma was only added to the WHO’s official list of Neglected Tropical Diseases in 2016. The actual global burden remains unclear. Mycetoma patients have received little attention and virtually no research and development has addressed their needs to date.


In response to these challenges, a GHIT-invested product development partnership between DNDi and Eisai Co., Ltd. has been conducting the world's first double-blind randomized control clinical trial in mycetoma, conducted in collaboration with the Mycetoma Research Center (MRC) in Khartoum. This trial investigates a potential new standard of care for patients worldwide.


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To learn more about the world’s first double-blind randomized control clinical trial being conducted by DNDi, Eisai, and MRC [G2017-106]