March 31, 2022 Others

GHIT Fund welcomes Diligent Corporation as a new sponsor

The GHIT Fund is pleased to announce that Diligent Corporation joins as a new sponsor. 


GHIT’s sponsorship program develops alliances with domestic and international institutions to promote unconventional, cross-industry cooperation to resolve global challenges against infectious diseases and realize a sustainable society. Sponsors allow GHIT to improve its business operations and further work toward achieving the “Sustainable Development Goals” (the “SDGs”). 


“We are excited to be working with Diligent to solve global health challenges and to help combat infectious diseases around the world,” said GHIT CEO Osamu Kunii. “Diligent Board, an online governance tool provided by Diligent, will allow GHIT’s board to increase productivity and further facilitate its digital transformation.”


“We are very proud to be a part of the GHIT's mission to develop products for neglected infectious diseases in low-and middle- income countries," said Mr. Kuniaki Takemoto, regional sales director of Diligent Corporation. “Through our modern governance tool, Diligent strongly supports the GHIT's innovative activities toward a sustainable society.”


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