September 10, 2021 Leadership

Announcing New Board Member Dr. Richard Seabrook

The GHIT Fund is pleased to announce that Dr. Richard Seabrook, Independent Senior Advisor of Innovations and former Head of Business Development at Wellcome, and current CEO of 360Biomedical Ltd and Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence University of Bristol, has been appointed as a new member of GHIT’s Board of Directors. He previously served as a GHIT Board member from 2015 to 2017.

Dr. Seabrook has played pivotal role in multiple organizations and associations, including but not limited to, as Chair of PREPARE Trial Steering Group, member of the International Polycap Cardiovascular (TIPs3) Trial Steering Group, Advisory Board member for the Structural Genomics Consortium, and Non-Executive Director of NRG Therapeutics Ltd. He advises the British Heart Foundation, Parkinson’s UK, and the UK Association of Medical Research Charities. Previously, Dr. Seabrook was a Non-Executive Director for both Wellcome Trust Trading Ltd and Wellcome International Ltd, and a Board Observer for the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.

 “It is my great honor to re-join GHIT on behalf of Wellcome. In the rapidly changing environment, the GHIT mission is more vital than ever. I will be delighted to be part of the greatest efforts to address challenges in neglected diseases and GHIT’s upcoming replenishment in 2022." said Dr. Seabrook.


 “Dr. Seabrook will bring enormous experience and business intelligence to bear on GHIT’s board governance and investment strategy. On behalf of GHIT’s current Board, I warmly welcome Dr. Seabrook back to GHIT and truly look forward to his insights and partnership as our journey continues," said Prof. Hiroki Nakatani, Chair and Representative Director, GHIT Fund



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