Cookie Policy

Cookies are used by the GHIT Fund website (the "Site") and GHIT Fund services for statistical purposes and to provide greater convenience to the user. Cookies from the Site cannot be used to identify individuals. Cookies are text files saved to a customer’s device when the customer accesses a website. Similar technologies are used to save other types of electronic files to a customer’s device. Collectively, these cookies and files created using similar technologies are referred to as "tracking files." Below is an explanation of the tracking files which are managed by the Site and tracking files placed by partner companies (third-party cookies), together with a description of how they can be managed and selected by customers.
The Site uses the following three types of tracking files:
(1) Tracking files essential for Site functionality
These are tracking files which are essential to the functioning of the Site, such as the ability to move between pages or the ability to access secure pages.
Deleting these cookies will prevent the Site from functioning correctly. They do not contain personally-identifying information.
(2) Tracking files used for effectiveness measurement
These are tracking files that are used to collect information about how customers use the Site, such as how many visitors the Site has, which pages are frequently visited, etc.
They do not contain personally-identifying information.
(3) Tracking files placed in conjunction with external sites
These are tracking files placed by external service site partners in accordance with our Personal Protection Policy.

Opt-out for external cookie data

Below are the procedures for opting out of using cookie data for cookies other than cookies essential for Site functionality.
Google opt-out Twitter opt-out LinkedIn opt-out Facebook opt-out
Please refer to the provisions posted on individual external sites for information regarding the credibility of data on external sites.

About tracking file data

Many browsers automatically accept tracking files by default, but users can choose to block tracking files and can delete cookies that are saved on their device.
Please note that the Site may not function correctly if its tracking files are deleted.
Please refer to your browser’s Help pages, etc., for specifics regarding your browser’s tracking file settings.