February 22, 2022 Others

GHIT Fund welcomes ZVC Japan K.K. (Zoom) as New Sponsor

The GHIT Fund is pleased to announce that ZVC Japan K.K. (Zoom) will join GHIT as a new sponsor.


GHIT’s sponsorship program develops alliances with domestic and international institutions to promote unconventional, cross-industry cooperation to resolve global challenges against infectious diseases and realize a sustainable society. Sponsors allow GHIT to improve its business operations and further work toward achieving the “Sustainable Development Goals” (the “SDGs”).


"​​We are delighted to welcome Zoom as a partner in tackling global health challenges," said Kio Yamabe, acting CEO of GHIT Fund. "By leveraging Zoom's platform, GHIT will be able to work more efficiently and effectively with partners around the world to further accelerate product development to combat infectious diseases prevalent in low- and middle-income countries."​​


Mr. Fuminori Saga, president of ZVC Japan, said, "We are pleased that Zoom's communication platform will seamlessly and securely connect GHIT to the world, facilitating new ways of working and collaborating to further advance drug development for the world's neglected people."


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