Our Impact

The GHIT Fund Impact

The GHIT Fund views global health as a valuable investment with tangible, long-term returns. Those returns include a productive, vibrant workforce, economic development and prosperity, and improved health outcomes.

In keeping with our founding principles of open innovation, access, equity, and transparency, the GHIT Fund has made a deliberate decision to refer to its grants as investments and its grantees as development partners. While we do not seek financial returns, sharing our work and activities through this investment-focused lens helps us communicate our expectations of results and ensures accountability for our funds. We do not simply distribute well-intentioned donations; rather, we closely manage our investments through close, targeted communication and collaboration with our development partners.

Like all investors, our decisions are data-driven and outcome-oriented. What is the return we seek? Impact. We invest in the efficient and effective development of novel health technologies, and it is these that can save millions of lives and drastically improve health and economic outcomes.