How We Work


Japanese R&D for Global Health

The Global Health Innovative Technology Fund (GHIT Fund) was created as a platform to advance Japanese technologies and expertise for the development of new innovations for infectious diseases including HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs).

We position our strategy on the following principle:

The GHIT Fund’s establishment realizes the Japanese government’s contribution to and prioritization of global health by leveraging the highly developed science and technology capacity fund in the country’s pharmaceutical companies, universities, and research institutions to develop needed health innovation for the developing world—in partnership with the world’s best R&D organizations

As a fund, our goal is to address the R&D needs of global health through the creation of health innovations that leverage Japan’s unparalleled resources and know-how. We invest not only in discovery and preclinical programs but also invest in programs that have advanced into product development, that can be brought to market in the relative near term, and that will have a significant impact on the global disease burden. For any candidate product that has demonstrated proof-of-concept (POC), we require a co-funding strategy and a commercial partner. Our co-funding strategy ensures leverage of our investment with contributions from other funders. This ensures a coordinated and collaborative strategy of investment with partner funders on a global level. Secondly our requirement for a commercial partner ensures that the product once developed can be accessible to the millions of patients and persons in need of the developed innovation.

By playing a pivotal and catalytic role, our Fund will facilitate and fund partnerships between Japanese and non-Japanese organizations, and therefore, expedite drug discovery and product development with an aim that curable products will be delivered to the world’s poorest of the poor, who are in desperate need of such tools.

Investing in Innovation, Investing in Impact

The GHIT Fund views global health as a valuable investment with tangible, long-term returns, and in keeping with our Founding Principles of open innovation, access, equity, and transparency, we have made a deliberate decision to refer to our grants as investments and our grantees as development partners. While we do not seek financial returns, our decisions are data-driven and outcome-oriented. We invest in the efficient and effective development of novel health technologies with the potential to save millions of lives and drastically improve health and economic outcomes.