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Target Research Platform

Current Open RFP

Target Research Platform 2022-002

The GHIT Fund announces an investment opportunity for the Target Research Platform (TRP). TRP investments are intentionally broad in potential scope and focus on new technologies and novel approaches. Proposals must be within the project scope and investment eligibility below in order to be considered. The TRP is currently focused on technologies and approaches that address unmet or priority needs within malaria, tuberculosis and Neglected Tropical Diseases listed in the GHIT Intent to Apply form.


Proposed projects should be primarily originate from or materially involve a Japanese science and technology and partnerships will need to be between eligible Japanese and non-Japanese organizations.


Interested applicants can find detailed information on the RFP and the Intent to Apply form below.


(The schedule is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.)

RFP and Intent to Apply

Key RFP Milestone Dates

RFP Release

June 6, 2022

Intent to Apply

No later than 10:00 am Tokyo time on July 4, 2022

*Applicants are encouraged to submit the ITA well in advance of the Full Proposal submission deadline shown below to secure sufficient time to prepare full proposal.


Submit via Editorial Manager® for Target Research

Platform (

(RFP related questions)

No later than 10:00 am Tokyo time on July 26, 2022


Submit questions to

Email Subject Line: GHIT-RFP-TRP-2022-002_Questions

Full Proposal Due

No later than 10:00 am Tokyo time on August 2, 2022


Submit via Editorial Manager® for Target Research

Platform (


Full Proposal templates

*Only eligible applicants will be invited to submit the full proposal and will receive an instruction to access the proposal templates below.

[Proposal Template]

Proposals Evaluation and Interview Processes

August 2022 – February 2023

Notification of Results

February 2023

Investment Agreement Fully Executed (Awarded Proposals)

March 2023

|Investment Process



ITA Submission

Interested applicants must complete the Intent to Apply (ITA) form and submit this to the GHIT Fund via Editorial Manager®, an online document submission system dedicated for this funding program within an RFP-specified timeframe. Please note that Intent to Apply (ITA) documents or Proposals that are not submitted through the above-mentioned system will not be accepted. An ITA form will be posted on the GHIT Fund website when the RFP is released.


Management Team

Eligibility Review

Applicants who successfully submit the ITA document will receive a confirmation email. GHIT Fund staff will then perform an initial partnership and scope eligibility assessment. If the project does not meet the eligibility requirements, the applicant will be notified that the project as proposed is not eligible for consideration. Applicants can remedy any eligibility issues and resubmit an Intent to Apply form up until the RFP-designated due date.


Selection Committee

Preliminary Review

Then, the preliminary review (subject to change; please refer to each RFP for review process) will be conducted by the GHIT Fund Selection Committee (SC) and only selected applicants will receive a confirmation email with GHIT Fund Proposal, Timeline, and Budget templates.



Full Proposal Submission

Applicants are required to submit their completed proposals to the GHIT Fund via Editorial Manager®. Applicants who successfully submit their proposal document will receive a confirmation email. Proposals may not be modified after the submission due date. Proposals will initially be examined to determine whether:

  • The partnership meets GHIT Fund eligibility criteria
  • Project objectives are aligned with the RFP-specified scope
  • The Proposal is complete and addresses all required content

External Reviewers


Each eligible proposal will be reviewed by 3 external reviewers, including experts in the discovery and development of global health technologies, each of whom possesses the experience to objectively evaluate the proposal content. External reviewers are required to declare that they have no relation to the applicants and use a proposal evaluation tool to consistently assess the quality of proposals. All proposals passing the preliminary examination will be evaluated and prioritized based on the following criteria:

  • Scientific and technical merit (e.g., sound approach and methodology, level of innovation, overall quality and comprehensiveness)
  • Potential Impact (e.g., how it will address a global health priority)
  • Partnership and project management (e.g., collaboration capabilities and expertise, project history and performance, risk management, budget)

Selection Committee

Interactive Interview and Selection of Proposals

Based on the aggregated External Reviewer results and a subsequent evaluation by the GHIT Fund Selection Committee (SC), proposals will be ranked by evaluation score. The top-tier applicants will be invited for an interactive interview with the SC. The SC will critique each proposal, assess the quality of each proposal and select proposals for funding.


Board of Directors

Review Selected Proposals

Proposals selected by the Selection Committees will be reported to the GHIT Fund Board of Directors.


Management Team and Product Development Partners

Award Notification, Investment Agreement and Investment

The GHIT Fund will notify applicants of their selection status by email. If the proposal is selected and the applicant receives an award notification, they are required to sign the Investment Agreement with the GHIT Fund and also submit a collaboration partners contractual agreement which clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of all collaboration partners, all within one month from award notification. Please be aware that the award may be void if this condition is not met. Applicants are required to identify the designated development partner (investment recipient) and all other collaboration partners. The designated development partner will be responsible for the performance of all its collaborating partners. A representative of the designated development partner will serve as the main GHIT Fund point of contact and will be responsible for all GHIT Fund discussions and negotiations.


Management Team

Initiation of Monitoring and Evaluation

Once the agreement enters into effect, the GHIT Management Team will initiate the Monitoring and Evaluation process. The data and information regarding the project will be put into the system.


Management Team and Product Development Partners

Monitoring and Evaluation

To track the progress of each project, GHIT conducts progress updates twice a year. This enables us to keep track of the progress of investments and decide on whether to continue, modify, or terminate the investment contingent upon milestone achievement. With this system, data pertaining to the progress of each project is gathered via an electronic system and the GHIT Management Team holds a conference with all product development partners based on the collected data prior to the meeting.