Press Release

August 6, 2014

Announcement of GHIT Fund Hit-to-Lead Platform RFP 2014-002

The GHIT Fund today announced 2nd round of Hit-to-Lead Platform (HTLP) RFP 2014-002. 
The GHIT Fund endeavors to further facilitate collaboration & funding of global health R&D, to build momentum, and to demonstrate action and results. The HTLP is designed to leverage the PDPs’ active platform for neglected and tropical diseases in partnership with Japanese companies or academic organizations that have relevant compounds.
The HTLP projects focus on the aspect of the drug discovery and development process that progresses hits, identified through compound library screening, into lead compounds that can then be optimized into drug candidates. This platform provides a bridge from early drug discovery into our typical Grant-making Mechanism that begins at the lead-optimization step.
For more details, please go to Funding Opportunities.